Parks and beaches

Park and Beaches close to Retro Studio Apartment, Herzliya, Israel

Appolonia Beach

  • Appolonia Beach - Part of an Israel national park containing archeological findings from the Phoenician village of Arsuf dating to the 6th or 5th century BCE.

  • Sidna-'Ali Beach (Nof Yam) - Named for the historic Sidna Ali Mosque. Perched on a ledge 100m north of the entrance to the beach is the Hermit House built by Nissim Cachlon out of tires, bottles, broken plates and other debris washed ashore.

  • Sharon Beach

  • Zvulun Beach - Home of the Herzliya Sea Scouts

  • Accadia Beach - Named for the nearby Dan Accadia Hotel, this is the largest beach in Herzliya Pituah.

  • Hof HaNechim - A wheelchair-accessible beach with facilities for the handicapped.

  • HaHof HaNifrad - A beach for Orthodox Jews with separate days for men and women.


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